The role of NGOs in the fight against hunger in the world

From the busy streets of big cities to the remotest corners of rural areas, hunger deprives people of their most fundamental right: to eat properly. In this landscape, NGOs stand out as guardians of hope. Their role in the fight against hunger is both essential and multifaceted, embracing a range of missions, strategies and relentless dedication.

1. Emergency humanitarian assistance

During natural disasters, conflicts or economic crises, NGOs are often the first to intervene to provide emergency food aid to populations in need. Their teams are deploying in crisis areas, providing vital food relief, drinking water and medical care. Their quick and effective action can save lives and help affected communities recover more quickly.

For example, our NGO LIFE intervened urgently in November 2023 during the floods in Somalia. As a result, 1,522 families in the Mogadishu and Beidoa region received food packages.

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Somalia, 2023

In protracted crisis situations, NGOs can also set up longer-term food support programs to help communities regain their autonomy. This global action is essential to ensure the food security of millions of people, including in France.

In northern Lebanon, in Akkar, we were able to put a smile back on the faces of hundreds of people, refugees and Lebanese families, who have been experiencing an economic and social crisis since 2019. 411 food packages were distributed in Abu Ibrahim and Al-Imna camps and in the Rihaniya zone.

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Lebanon, 2023

2. Adapting to climate change

More frequent and more intense droughts, floods, storms, etc. NGOs are helping people adapt to climate change and, by extension, to fight hunger. Here is how they work:

The promotion of sustainable agricultural practices

LIFE, CARE, OXFAM, AVSF etc. Many NGOs like LIFE implement programs that encourage farmers to adopt sustainable agricultural practices, such as agroforestry and crop rotation. These help preserve soils, increase crop resilience to extreme weather conditions, and maintain agricultural productivity despite climate disruptions. They often work in collaboration with governments, international organizations, and of course local communities.

With our SAPOUSSE program, we support communities in setting up Green Initiatives. They can be the organization of responsible market gardening, the promotion of the use of green manures for soil revitalization, agricultural training and the sustainable management of resources, etc.

The introduction of resilient crops

NGOs are also working to identify and promote climate-resilient crop varieties that can thrive in increasingly unpredictable conditions. More resistant to drought, soil salinity, or other environmental stresses, they offer a more reliable food source for vulnerable communities.


Reforestation organized by NGOs
plays a crucial role in the fight against hunger. Planting trees in degraded areas protects soils, prevents erosion and improves soil fertility. All of this is essential for agricultural productivity and therefore for food security. In addition, trees offer alternative sources of income to populations.

At LIFE, we ensure that the trees planted during our reforestation campaigns bring many benefits to communities : environmental, economic, social, etc. We plant so-called economic trees that generate additional income (fruits, nuts, etc.). We train the population in the use of certain raw materials that come from them. In Indonesia, North Sumatra, in the Aceh region and more precisely in the villages of Sungai Pauh, Seurige and Kuala Langsa, we have reconstructed mangrove ecosystems. At the same time, we have developed income-generating activities for the local population: forestry, production of fruits from the mangrove, batik coloring, etc.


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Indonesia, 2023


Water resources management

Improving the management of water resources, especially in areas affected by drought, has become indispensable. It can increase agricultural production for millions of small-scale farmers around the world. NGOs contribute to it day after day. This may involve building more efficient irrigation systems, conserving rainwater, and promoting water-efficient irrigation techniques to maximize water availability for agriculture.

Among his numerous actions around the world for improving access to drinking water, our NGO LIFE has installed a simplified drinking water supply system in the village of Wibga in Burkina Faso that benefits 2,000 people. In Cambodia, in the Banteay Mean Chey region, 50 water towers were built. They change the lives of almost 46,000 people!

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Benin, 2021

3. Empowering communities

NGOs are not only healing the wounds of hunger, they are also working to heal the root cause of the problem. Through community development programs, they strengthen local skills in agriculture, livestock and natural resource management. They give people the tools they need to cultivate their own future, planting the seeds of autonomy and resilience.

4. Promoting gender equality

Hunger has no gender, but its effects are often exacerbated by social inequalities. NGOs are strongly committed to promoting gender equality, empowering women and girls to empower themselves economically, access education, and play an active role in food production. Empowering women is a cornerstone in the fight against hunger.

5. Awareness and education

At the heart of the battle against hunger is the crucial need to raise awareness and educate. Through awareness-raising campaigns through traditional media (television, radio, newspapers) and social media, NGOs raise awareness around the world. They also work as close as possible to communities by providing them with advice on nutrition, sustainable agriculture, food resource management and other relevant skills. The Leche League, for example, provides training on child nutrition, with an emphasis on breastfeeding.

6. Defence and political action

On the political front, NGOs make the voices of hungry people resonate. They advocate for fair and equitable food policies, fighting corruption, inequalities and special interests. Their powerful campaigns mobilize the masses, pressuring governments and international institutions to take decisive action against hunger.

7. Innovation and research

To fight hunger, innovation is an indispensable ally. NGOs invest in the research and development of innovative solutions, such as drought-resistant crops, sustainable agricultural techniques, and food preservation technologies. They are constantly pushing the boundaries of science to nourish bodies and minds hungry for hope. To do this, they work together with experts and scientists.

8. Collaborate!

In the fight against hunger, unity is our greatest strength. NGOs build strong relationships with other civil society actors, associations, businesses, governments and international organizations. Together, they form a global network of solidarity and action. They share resources, knowledge, and best practices to maximize their impact.


NGOs are the architects of a planet where food security is no longer inevitable, but a surmountable challenge. Their action embodies hope and resilience, illuminating a future where every human being can thrive to the fullest. Their commitment and expertise are critical to achieving Sustainable Development Goal 2, which aims to eradicate hunger by 2030.

Join this noble cause and our campaign 1 euro 1 meal who fights against hunger. Together, we can feed the world and change lives.



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