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We make it a point of honor to make the best use of the money given to us. This is why we limit our operating costs as much as possible:

Small premises, small rents

Our Parisian teams operate with energy and determination from a small, welcoming space.

Reduced logistics costs

We limit logistical costs and material purchases as much as possible.

No expatriates

We rely on our local partners to ensure the success of projects and campaigns in the field.

Do you want to support LIFE? You have the option of contribute to financing our operating costs:

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How are our donations used?

Where do my donations go?

  • Donations are still used for the campaign for which they were collected
  • We prove each action for which we ask for the generosity of donors through photos, videos, live field, maps...

87% of the amount of a donation is devoted to the project for which it was collected. The remaining 13% covers operating and collection costs.

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