ORTC TV talks about LIFE ONG

The ORTC, the Office of Radio and Television of Comoros, the first channel in Comoros, talks about our emergency action with the victims of storm Hidaya.

Food kits were distributed to 84 families in Moroni. In addition to bags of rice and basic necessities, those with small children received Diapers and milk. We are also helping some of the most affected families to rebuild their destroyed habitat. The members of the Comorian diaspora in France are at the initiative of this emergency aid. They contacted our NGO LIFE, which regularly organizes this type of operation in various countries. In addition, we have been on site since 2022 in order to help those who need it the most.

These distributions are being made with the valuable support of our local partners: Ascobef, Fadesim, the Directorate of Civil Security (which provided us with the list of affected families) and the Moroni Women's Home, which provided us with its premises.

The vulnerability of Comoros to bad weather and climate change

The Comoros, an archipelago located in the Indian Ocean between the east coast of Africa and Madagascar, regularly faces a variety of weather conditions, including tropical cyclones, heavy rains, floods, and landslides. These climate events can cause considerable damage due to the vulnerability of the archipelago, which has limited resources to deal with natural disasters. Climate change greatly amplifies the severity of these phenomena.

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Distribution of food kits by our NGO LIFE in Comoros, 2024

Tropical cyclone Hidaya

Storm Hidaya was the last notable storm to hit Comoros at the beginning of May 2024. It caused high winds, torrential rains, and floods. The winds ripped roofs off, uprooted trees, and damaged infrastructure. The floods have severely affected several regions, destroying crops and disrupting the daily lives of residents.

The last cyclone (Kenneth) in March 2019 had already aroused great solidarity from international organizations. However, few measures have been put in place to anticipate the risks of river overflows during heavy rains in areas that are particularly vulnerable to heavy rainfall.

International solidarity is crucial to overcome this crisis and to restore hope to those who have lost everything.
Every action counts in this urgent fight to save lives and rebuild destroyed communities.

Let's join forces to support the victims in Comoros!






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