Beur FM talks about LIFE ONG

Beur FM is LIFE ONG, it's not new. Indeed, the latter supported LIFE during actions in 2018. But also invited members of LIFE to the Beur FM set.

In 2018

Recently, Radio Beur FM had the opportunity to talk to the NGO LIFE about its mission and objectives. LIFE is a non-governmental organization that works to reduce poverty and to protect the environment. But also to promote human rights in developing countries. Since its creation in 2009, LIFE has been making a difference in communities around the world. The radio has highlighted the reforestation actions of our NGO LIFE. Indeed as part of the Sapousse project. A series of 2 articles were written for the occasion. The Beur FM team mobilized its listeners to finance a plot of 1000 trees and went to Indonesia to participate in the planting.

Interview on Beur FM radio in 2021

Radio Beur FM recently discussed the important work carried out by the NGO LIFE with representatives of the organization who shared valuable information about its mission and impact. The mission of the NGO LIFE is to provide access to basic needs such as drinking water and hygiene, access to food so that people can live healthier lives. We thank Radio Beur FM for taking the time to conduct this informative interview about the work of the NGO LIFE! An article that may be of interest to you:

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