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The story of life

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Our mission

At the origin of LIFE, there was a dream. That of leaving a positive and lasting impression on this earth. Today, an entire team is working to make this world a place of peace and social progress.

LIFE is an international solidarity NGO whose aim is to provide adapted assistance to vulnerable populations, in emergency or development situations. Our objective is to contribute to the consolidation or restoration of their living conditions, in particular, through access to drinking water, sanitation, hygiene and food security. We act with respect for human dignity, with commitment and a sense of innovation. Since 2009, our NGO has gradually been structured and professionalized. At the beginning of 2021, work to redefine the mandate, values and mission made it possible to anchor our associative project.

Associative project

25 countries Of intervention

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our history


It all starts with 3 friends...

In August 2009, the creation file was submitted and accepted: LIFE was born. Quickly, a dozen volunteers came to lend a hand


First helpers

LIFE supports people in need in Ile-de-France by organizing food parcel distributions every month


Birth of the 99 project

Following a trip to Cameroon, the founders decided to launch Project 99 to provide access to water and education to 33 beneficiary villages, with an original idea: 1 project = 1 donor


Launch of projects

LIFE is hard at work to build the 99 projects financed by 99 Donors. LIFE supports some donors in the field so that they see their project come out of the ground.


Launch of the 2nd Project 99!

The 33 villages are now equipped but LIFE decides not to stop there, and to continue the project in 5 new countries in sub-Saharan Africa.


First food aid campaign

Faced with the great distress of the populations visited, LIFE is organizing its first 1€=1 Meal campaign during the Ramadan period. LIFE is becoming more professional and employees are joining the team


The NGO at the service of all

LIFE decides to become a fully-fledged NGO by helping the most disadvantaged regardless of their origin or religion. Cultural and school projects are stopped to focus on water and sanitation projects


The environment: a new priority

LIFE, which had then focused on water projects and emergency aid, is now developing environmental projects through the planting of trees in Asia.


Influencers are on board

The 1€=1 Meal campaign appeals to influencers and personalities such as Mokobe, Samia Orosemane or even BodyTime who decide to participate in parcel deliveries in the field.


100,000 supporters

LIFE ONG can now count on the support of 100,000 donors in France and abroad. It is also an opportunity for the founder of LIFE to leave his place, after 10 years of working tirelessly, to a loyal fan from the beginning: Rabah Bounaira


Opening of the Dakar office

A regional office is opened in Senegal in order to manage projects more closely in the countries of intervention in Africa.


Institutional strengthening

LIFE gets closer to NGO institutions and networks and becomes a member of PS-Eau, the Butterfly Effect, FONGIM...

The team Behind Life

Fanny Fernandes
Directrice Exécutive
Responsable administratif
Chargée des relations institutionnelles
Responsable Desk Afrique
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See the whole team

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Because transparency is a guarantee of seriousness, it is essential for us to communicate regularly on the actions carried out with the funds you entrust to us.

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