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More realistic than “The Day After”, more mind-blowing than “Mad Max”...

Imagine 💭 a world where your children don't know the softness of the shade under a century-old tree, and where Both oxygen and water are becoming increasingly rare. 😞


But it's not a movie... it's the future we're creating.

  • “From here 2050, more than 1 billion people could be forced to leave their homes due to climate change.” - The Guardian
  • The polar bear, the tiger, the orangutan... Half of terrestrial species could disappear by 2100 because of habitat loss.” - National Geographic


And right now:

  • In sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia, populations are already the first. victims of global warming that they did not cause. 🥵
  • In Indonesia The forest is disappearing at breakneck speed so we can eat spread and dip our favorite cookies in milk... 🌳

Every minute, Our planet is losing the equivalent of 36 football fields of forests : 13 hectares per year, the size of England. - FAO/ONU

What if we could

rewind the movie? 🎥

rewrite the script? 🎬

Unfortunately, “Back to the Future” is still a fiction... but there is still time to act.
Together and now, we can choose to get up and write a new ending for our story. Will you be an actor, or just a spectator?

“Humanity has a choice: to cooperate or to perish. It is either a climate solidarity pact or a collective suicide pact.”
Let's change the scenario of our planet with

Imagine... 💭

... a world where balance is restored, where each action creates a positive echo throughout the ecosystem. Each seed planted, each training provided, and each eco-built house constitute the chapters ofa new story that we are writing together for our planet.

Ibrahima (Senegal)
“Thanks to Sapousse, our village has regained greenery and prosperity!”
Fatimatou (Benin)
“The reforestation training was a real opportunity for our community.”
Kanto (Madagascar)
“Thanks to the mangrove, we are better protected against tsunamis, and I became a shrimp farmer”

Help leave a lasting legacy for future generations.

With Sapousse you participate in:

1. A plant revival program

We create Forests of plenty made up of “economic” trees that not only help restore the ecosystem but also provide valuable resources like fruits, nuts, and sustainable materials. CEach economic tree planted is thus guaranteed to be maintained by the local populations since it ensures them a regular income.

2. A dynamic regenerative economy

We energize communities by setting upGreen initiatives that promote sustainable livelihoods. This includes:

  • Sustainable aquaculture: Fish farming in an ecological way.
  • Responsible vegetable gardening: Creation of gardens and farms that use sustainable methods.
  • Green Entrepreneurship: Support businesses that contribute positively to the environment.
  • Education and training: to sustainable agriculture and to the informed management of resources
  • Renewable energies (transformation of organic waste into energy)
  • Distribution of agricultural materials and promotion of the use of green manures for soil revitalization

Already more than 14000 people supported

trees planted, i.e. 10 hectares of forest

With each contribution, you:

Revitalize ecosystems

by planting trees that help purify the air, enrich the soil, and restore biodiversity.

Support communities

by contributing to projects that strengthen the autonomy of local populations and enable them to live in harmony with nature.

Take part in an ecological revolution

by becoming an essential link in the fight against climate change and the degradation of our planet.

Choose your heritage and make history

Planet Sponsor
  • 🌎 Approximately 267 kg of CO2 stored
  • 💡 Approximately 1 month of electricity consumption for 1 household
  • 📜 Receive a plantation certificate
  • Get involved in all LIFE environmental initiatives
  • 🌳 Economic tree planting
  • 🌾 Responsible market gardening
  • 🌳 Plant an entire forest 😍!
  • 🌎 Approximately 10,000 tons of CO2 stored
  • 👪 That's the equivalent of a lifetime of CO2 emissions for about 10 people!
  • A nice argument to put here or something related to the price
  • A nice argument to put here or something related to the price
  • A nice argument to put here or something related to the price
* Each donation entitles you to a tax reduction equal to 75% of the amount of the donation, up to a limit of €1000. Beyond that, the tax reduction increases to 66%, up to a limit of 20% of your taxable income.

Voluntary compensation, a gesture for the planet 🌍

Whether it's for a flight you took, for using your car, or more generally to reduce your environmental impact, using this calculator, estimate your carbon footprint and compensate by offering the planet the corresponding number of trees.Every gesture counts.


From Global to Local: Discover Where We Sow

We Sow

The future

Life ✨

La Life 🌳

256,000 trees
23,000 trees
5,000 trees
36,000 trees
98,000 trees
123,000 trees
50,000 trees
100,000 trees

Life a supported NGO by 180k

by 180,000

donors 🤝

Lifechangers ✨

For 10 years now, the 1€=1 Meal operation carried out by LIFE has allowed the feat of distributing 50 million meals. But Life is also:

They testify

Rahma T.

👏👏 Great initiative, planting seed trees, every living being is like this seed that has so much to unfold to become a fruit tree. 😍

Samia H.

Hello, thank you for the seriousness of the follow-up. Thank you for what you do in general to help the less fortunate. Thank you for allowing me to believe that there are still caring people out there, and that is, I think, the most important thing. Investing in the action of the GOOD. It encourages me to believe that anything is possible 🧡

Sixc G.

Having had this experience, PLANTING TREES is one of the most beautiful things I have done in my life!!! Congratulations for this magnificent project!!!

Frequently asked questions

What is LIFE and Sapousse?

LIFE is an NGO that has been dedicated since 2009 to improving the daily lives of vulnerable people in France and in more than 20 countries. Sapousse is one of LIFE's initiatives that focuses on reforestation and supporting local communities through various projects, such as reforestation, sustainable agriculture, methanization, training, and much more.

Why is it important to plant trees?

Planting trees is essential because they play a crucial role in regulating the climate by absorbing carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas. They also help prevent soil erosion, restore groundwater, and provide habitat for numerous species.

How do you get food to each country?

In order to encourage the local economy and optimize costs, foodstuffs are purchased on site in bulk.

What do you mean by “economic trees”?

Economic trees are trees that, in addition to contributing to the environment, have economic potential for local communities. This may include fruit trees, trees for firewood, or trees that can be used to make products. In Indonesia for example, LIFE plants mangroves and bamboo.

How does LIFE choose the type of tree to be planted?

The choice of trees we plant depends on the country, the climate and the place of planting (forest, coastline...). Trees are chosen both to meet the challenges of sustainable development, and to the objective of empowering local populations (providing food resources, creating income-generating activities.): - trees with a significant carbon storage capacity such as mangroves, bamboo - trees with local species such as Ravintsara, Kinina, Olive - Fruit trees such as Mango, Tapia, Bamboo - Trees with local essences such as Ravintsara, Kinina, Olive - Fruit trees such as Mango, Tapia, Letchi - other trees that allow for cash production: cinnamon, coffee, pink berries, moringa...

How do LIFE and Sapousse support local populations?

Sapousse encourages rural populations to develop ecological and sustainable income-generating activities through the distribution of agricultural materials, green manures, the installation of vegetable gardens, and training in green entrepreneurship. The initiative also aims to develop sustainable economic activities such as livestock farming, aquaculture, and the construction of ecological houses.

What are Sapousse's countries of action?

We are currently active in Indonesia, Madagascar, Morocco, Morocco, Morocco, Senegal, Senegal, Benin, Lebanon, and Bangladesh

How can I contribute?

You can contribute by making a donation to plant trees, with 2 euros to plant a tree, or by becoming a Planet Sponsor through a monthly subscription starting at €15 which will allow you to contribute to all Sapousse projects.

How are the funds used?

The funds are used to plant trees, support local communities, and fund various sustainable projects. This includes the purchase of seeds, tools, the training of local communities, and the financing of methanization projects.

Will I receive a tax receipt for my donation?

Yes, French donors will receive a tax receipt that can be used to reduce their income tax. In France, you can deduct 66% of the amount of your donation from your taxes, up to a limit of 20% of your taxable income.

Can I choose a specific project to support?

As a Planet Sponsor, your monthly contribution will be used where the needs are most important for various projects under the Sapousse program.

How can I stay up to date with Sapousse's progress?

You can sign up for our newsletter and follow us on social media to receive regular updates on Sapousse's progress and the success stories of the communities we support.

How can I become a volunteer or get more involved?

We would love to welcome you as a volunteer! You can visit the site Jeveuxaider.gouv for more information on our volunteer opportunities. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions or if you want to know more about how you can contribute to making a difference with LIFE and Sapousse.

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Like you, dozens of personalities, like Samia Orosemane, Mokobé, Bodytime, Benab or even Zatis and Kalvin join LIFE to change the world. Together we can make a difference!

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Let's repopulate the world green 🌳