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Did an action by our NGO particularly affect you? Reforestation, construction of drinking water wells, the fight against school dropout, operations against hunger in the world? Do you want to raise funds for this cause that is important to you by mobilizing those around you?
Whether the collection is for a sporting challenge that you want to take up or for your birthday, or for any other reason, here you can create your online solidarity fund and
invite your loved ones to participate. In a few clicks on our platform, it is ready to be shared. You will be able to reach your goal and maybe even exceed it!

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More than 5858 collections created to date.

How does it work?

Plant trees, provide meals, build a drinking water well. Have you chosen the project you want to support? So let's go!
Find the name of your fundraiser. Explain in a few words its purpose and the amount you want to raise. Photos, videos, you can illustrate your presentation according to your desires.

By email or via social networks, share the link to your fundraiser with those around you. Everyone can also transfer it to their circle of friends and participate by paying the amount they want.

Has the collection deadline reached? The money collected will immediately benefit the campaign you are supporting and participate in the implementation of field operations.

Inspire solidarity around you

Choose the project you want to support

Deciding to create a solidarity fund online with LIFE means having the choice to support projects that are different from the association, but all complementary. Their common objective: the empowerment of the populations helped.

  • Access to water with OASIS
    Through the construction of drinking water wells, access to hygiene and the installation of sanitation systems, we contribute to the transformation of the lives of communities.
  • Plant trees with HIS SHOOT
    Our actions contribute to the restoration of ecosystems, the preservation of biodiversity and the fight against climate change.
  • Sending food packages with 1 EURO = 1 MEAL
    We distribute meals to those who need them in France and all over the world.
  • Sponsor the schooling of a child with SCHOOL FOR ALL
    Access to school is a fundamental right. We make every effort to ensure that children around the world can benefit from it.

Benefit from financial advantages through the tax deduction

By donating to a recognized association of general interest such as the NGO LIFE, you and your loved ones can benefit from significant tax cuts. Donations can in fact result in a tax reduction of 75% on income up to a limit of €1,000, and 66% beyond within the limit of 20% of your taxable income.

Easily get involved in a humanitarian solidarity project

The creation of an online fundraiser on our platform makes it simple and accessible to engage in a solidarity project. You can turn milestones like birthdays, weddings, or retirements into opportunities to support important causes. Creating a fundraiser and sharing it with your loved ones is done in just a few clicks, allowing you to easily unite those around you around the fights of an association that is close to your heart.

Zero-commission and 100% secure fundraising

Our online fundraising service does not charge any commission. And you and your loved ones can make payments with peace of mind. All donations made via our platform are strictly secure!

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Contribute to projects that are important to you by creating an online solidarity fund with LIFE ONG.
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