🇰🇲 COMOROS EMERGENCY: Let's help them rebuild in the face of the cyclone
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Bénévolat : une jeunesse engagée

La jeune génération se lève et s'engage de plus en plus dans le bénévolat. Les associations ont besoin de leur énergie, de leur enthousiasme. Comment font-elles pour les attirer et les fidéliser ? ‍

ORTC TV talks about LIFE ONG

The ORTC, the Comoros Radio and Television Office, talks about our emergency action with the victims of storm Hidaya.

The Comoros Gazette talks about LIFE ONG

Our NGO LIFE is intervening urgently in Comoros after the bad weather in April. The Comoros Gazette reports it.

Eid al-Adha 2024: a celebration of solidarity and generosity

Eid al-Adha is much more than just a religious holiday! It is a symbol of faith, generosity and solidarity.

How to implement effective reforestation? What does an ecological restoration expert think?

Elise Buisson, an expert in ecological restoration, talks to us about good reforestation practices.

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