Ramadan 2021 review: new objective for 2022!

€1/1 meal: 30 Days to Unite Against Hunger

During the Ramadan period, LIFE is intensifyingMeal DistributionsIn the most remote areas of humanitarian crises and disasters in the world, in order to give food to anyone who is hungry, and to share moments of solidarity. This Ramadan is an opportunity to take stock of Ramadan 2021. This summary of Ramadan 2021 is incredible!Over 6.3 million meals Were offered in 21 countries thanks to your generosity. From Asia (Cambodia, Indonesia...) to Africa (Mali, Morocco, Niger...) to Africa (Mali, Morocco, Niger...) to Africa (Mali, Morocco, Niger...) via the Middle East (Palestine, Lebanon...) via the Middle East (Palestine, Lebanon...), you have made it possible to highlight in this report on Ramadan 2021 that your donations made it possible to help populations in distress in distress in distress in distress. This is the case of palestineWhere LIFE crisscrossed the streets of Gaza distributing food packages to needy families, widows and orphans; or Somalia, with families hard hit by drought and famine.In 2022, let's do more thanks to your Generosity ! LIFE is preparing its teams to distribute food packages in 20 countries. Among them, Palestine, Somalia, Senegal, or even with the Rohingyas, Yemeni and Syrian refugees. These packages are composed of foodstuffs such as oil, rice, rice, sugar, sugar, dates or even pasta. Indeed, these products purchased from local traders meet the needs of the beneficiary populations. So let's give the neediest what they need during this Months of sharing, solidarity and love.The LIFE family is you! We are only modestly relaying your generosity to poor populations. Unfortunately, we cannot help all people in the world. But Everyone can help at least one person get enough to eat.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PbW6tYCZx58

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