6 simple actions to contribute to a greener planet

Everyone's small actions can do a lot for the planet! All together, armed with our combined efforts, we can at our level participate in maintaining it and making it viable for our children. Thanks to 6 ecological practices that are simple and effective to adopt, we contribute to making progress and to reverse the trend. At home, in the office or on the go, they are easy to integrate into your daily life and allow you to save money! So, ready to take action for a greener planet?

Everything you need to effectively reduce your energy consumption

Energy price increases have certainly already motivated you to reduce your consumption. It's good for your wallet, but it's also good for the environment. Each increase can be seen as an opportunity to take another step towards more responsible consumption. How can you go even further in this direction and work for a greener planet?

  • Limit heating and air conditioning. In winter, 19°C is the ideal temperature. At night or while you are away, it can be reduced to 16°C. In summer, it should not be lower than 4 degrees compared to the outside temperature. Also make your blinds and shutters work. They are effective in protecting yourself from the sun or avoiding heat loss. In addition, remember to set your water heater between 55 and 60°C and no more.
  • Machine wash your laundry at 30° or 40° when you can. This is 3 times less energy than at 90°C. Current machines are efficient enough to keep your laundry clean without high temperatures. In addition, avoid using the dryer that is very demanding on electricity.
  • Say no to electrical appliances put on standby, they still consume energy! To make your life easier, plug them into a power strip with an on/off switch. The same goes for your chargers, unplug them after use.
  • “It's not Versailles here! ” Surely you know this expression! Think about it on a daily basis by adapting powers to real needs, for example. A hallway may be less bright than a workplace. And don't forget to turn off the lights when you leave a room. Choose LED or low consumption bulbs. With them, you can save up to 30 euros per year for 10 bulbs.
  • If you need to replace your household appliances, opt for energy-efficient models.

Limit your water consumption

In France, we are lucky to have drinking water from all our taps. But this water is still precious. Here are a few simple and ecological actions to reduce its consumption:

  • Take short showers allows you to save nearly 1000 liters of water every month!
  • Turn off the faucet when you don't need water: brushing your teeth, cleaning your hands, shaving, washing dishes, etc.
  • Install a flow or pressure restrictor, a flush saving system, or any other device that reduces its consumption.
réduire sa consommation d'eau pour une planète plus verte

Preserving the planet by eating better and more responsibly

We can all contribute to the preservation of the environment without necessarily engaging in veganism! He has lots of things to do without having to change everything, and that's motivating!

  • Opt for seasonal and local products. Seasonal fruits and vegetables were not grown in a heated greenhouse, they consume less energy and are more ecological. Choosing local means choosing short circuits that reduce greenhouse gas emissions and contribute to a greener planet! Are you lucky enough to live near a farmer's market? Thanks to him, support local agriculture and sustainable agricultural practices. And of course, the best part of the local is still to eat fruits and vegetables that grew in your own vegetable garden, if you can do it!
  • Consume less meat, eggs and dairy. Meat production is very polluting, it increases the greenhouse effect. Cattle farming is responsible for much of the destruction of the planet's forests and uses thousands of liters of water. To replace it, you will find proteins in legumes, for example, which are much more ecological.
  • Products from organic or sustainable agriculture are more respectful of the environment and your health (without chemical fertilizers, insecticides, etc.).
  • If you eat fish, select species from sustainable fishing. This contributes to the preservation of marine resources essential to biodiversity.
  • Avoid consuming certain products that have a bad environmental impact. Palm oil is one. It is used in the composition of nearly one in 10 food products in Europe! Its production is at the origin of deforestation in Malaysia, the extinction of certain species such as orangutans and is linked to numerous violations of labor laws around the world.
  • Recover unsold items. Pounds of food are thrown away every week. The smartphone app Too Good to Go gives you the opportunity to buy at low prices what retailers can no longer put on the shelves. This practice allows you to fight food waste and save money.
agriculture biologique pour une planète plus verte

A greener house for preserved nature

A home where you can breathe better, a healthier homeDoes that speak to you? So let's take action! Take a look at the products that you use on a daily basis and that are stored there! From now on, always choose their ecological version. They help limit water and air pollution, protect your health, and contribute to a greener planet.

  • Give priority household products displaying certifications such as the Ecocert label, NF or the European ecolabel.
  • Same for The cosmetics. You promote products that are not tested on animals and the protection of biodiversity.
  • Air fresheners, paints, varnishes, etc. are sources of VOC (volatile organic compounds) emissions that have an impact on your health. Try to do without it.
  • Many garden products still contain toxic substances. Be vigilant and take care to ban pesticides of your garden or balcony. In this way, you contribute to the protection of biodiversity.

At LIFE, we are also committed to protecting nature and promoting a greener and more sustainable future. We firmly believe that every gesture counts in the fight to preserve our planet. With our Sapousse program, we are restoring ecosystems by planting trees in numerous countries in Africa and Asia. We are also implementing Green Initiatives that promote sustainable livelihoods. We also train people in sustainable agriculture and in the informed management of resources.

Rethink your trips

On a daily basis, for your trips, you can easily limit your carbon footprint by preferring soft mobility in particular. And considering the price of fuel, you will save money in addition to making the planet greener!

  • On foot, bike or scooter ! If you need to transport your whole family, there is a wide variety of cargo bikes, longtail bikes, etc.
  • For longer distances, you can opt for the car, but in carpooling.
  • Bet on Public transport ! A subway passenger consumes about 10 times less energy than if they were using their car, and they avoid the stress of traffic jams!

Reduce waste, recycle and reuse!

With a little bit of care, we can easily limit our waste. In the same spirit, for your purchases, for your equipment replacements, why not join the second-hand trend? It's a smart choice for the planet.

  • The packaging hunt and the plastic is open. Objective, zero waste! Opting for bulk products, using containers, reusable bags, and water bottles, limits costs. Plastic packaging should be avoided as much as possible. You can trade your plastic food film for washable film or an ecological biodegradable version.

  • Concerning the selective sorting of your waste, let's review our classics: glass in the green trash can; plastic, cardboard, and packaging in the yellow trash can; food waste in organic compost (if your municipality offers it); vegetable waste in the municipality's compost or if you have one in the garden! For the unsorted waste category, head for blue or gray trash!

  • If you need a new piece of furniture, a new household appliance, clothes, it is possible to make purchases that are more ecological than others. You will do unsuspected business among used, refurbished products. A piece of furniture with a beautiful patina will be much better than a brand new piece of furniture stuffed with glues and varnishes that are not at all ecological! And the icing on the cake, second-hand is very trendy!

  • Moreover, it is very good for the planet to Make your equipment last as long as possible. Care for your electronic devices, repair, darn your clothes, etc. Let's take action! And avoid fast fashion and its deplorable carbon footprint as much as possible.

Adopting actions for a greener planet is essential! Your actions to limit your waste, your consumption of water and electricity, your decisions to opt for responsible mobility, and ecological food, are crucial to minimize the impact of human activity on our environment. By acting at the individual, collective and governmental levels, France and the whole world can contribute to reducing their carbon footprint, pollution and preserving nature and biodiversity. We all have an ecological responsibility and together we can promote a sustainable lifestyle in order to guarantee a harmonious future for our planet and our children.

Join Sapousse to make a significant change. Let's unite to preserve the planet!

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