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The social mirror media dedicates An article to the crucial role of associations in France as vectors of national unity. Through examples such as that of our NGO LIFE, it highlights the commitment of citizens in humanitarian and social actions.

Community involvement in France is proving to be an essential pillar of national cohesion. It transcends social divides and weaves a solid network of solidarity and collective action. Since the reinstatement of the right of association in 1901, the voluntary sector has flourished, now numbering 1.5 million organizations across the country. These figures reflect the extent of citizen participation, with nearly two-thirds of French people involved in an association in one way or another, and around a quarter devoting their time to it on a voluntary basis.

This diverse associative fabric covers a wide range of areas, from culture to sport to social and humanitarian action. From music festivals to local sports clubs, not to mention associations defending heritage or food aid, each sector has its place.


Our NGO LIFE in Lebanon, 2023

The article cites as an example our NGO LIFE, which was founded in 2009 by young people from disadvantaged neighborhoods, embodies the desire to give back to society some of the humanism and solidarity they received there. Through our actions in 25 countries, we work to improve access to drinking water, to food security, To education and environmental protection. Our innovative approach, based on a small logistical footprint and close collaboration with local actors, allows us to remain agile and responsive in the face of emergency situations, such as during the earthquake in Morocco in 2023.


Our NGO LIFE in Morocco, 2023

Our NGO LIFE focuses on youth, both in its workforce and in its communication, using social networks and influencers to raise awareness and mobilize. Our growing success testifies to the positive impact of our action and its relevance in a world in constant development.



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