Skyrock talks about LIFE ONG

Skyrock highlights LIFE ONG's actions during Benab's Planète Rap

During a recent Planète Rap program hosted by artist Benab on Skyrock, a committed voice captured the attention of listeners. Tarek el Kahodi, the president of the NGO LIFE, had the opportunity to share the inspiring details of the actions and campaigns carried out by the NGO.

The guest took this opportunity to present the multiple initiatives undertaken by LIFE ONG in order to improve the lives of communities in need. This interview provided a window into the efforts that are made every day to make a positive difference.

During the program, Tarek el Kahodi explained the fundamental mission of LIFE ONG, which focuses on projects aimed at fighting poverty, social injustice and environmental problems. He highlighted the various campaigns launched by the NGO.

The president of LIFE ONG also shared moving stories about individuals whose lives have been transformed thanks to the organization's initiatives. These stories illustrated the positive and lasting impact generated by the NGO's actions.

The interview also allowed Tarek el Kahodi to talk about the need for collaboration and the commitment of society to create a better world. He encouraged Skyrock listeners to get involved, whether through volunteering, donations or promoting the values carried by LIFE ONG.

Skyrock, as an influential media platform, has played a significant role in providing a platform for a voice that upholds the values of fairness, compassion, and positive change.

In conclusion, the intervention of Tarek el Kahodi, president of LIFE ONG, during Benab's Planète Rap on Skyrock, was a touching moment that raised public awareness of the importance of social and environmental commitment.

This highlighting of the NGO's actions inspired the audience to think about how everyone can contribute to a better and more just world.

Together, we can change lives.

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