Word from the President

“We are in September 2009, in a tiny office based in Saint-Denis. A group of volunteers, including me, witnessed the birth of LIFE. We didn't know it yet, but 13 years later, this small neighborhood association became an international NGO. Indeed, an NGO with nearly 40 employees worldwide and supported by more than 180,000 donors. A long road travelled for the new president of LIFE ONG and his collaborators. “Tarek El Kahodi President of LIFE ONG

The president of LIFE ONG with a dream come true...

We didn't just dream, we made it possible, thanks to our unwavering dedication to this cause. A dedication that I reiterate today as the new President of LIFE ONG.

I am aware of the responsibility that comes with this position, but also of the great pride I feel in leading an organization that contributes to a better world every day.

If we want to continue to provide assistance to those who need it most, we need to do more than adapt. Our world is constantly changing and we are facing the many new challenges that result from it: climate crisis, food insecurity, lack of access to drinking water, etc. To overcome these obstacles, we need innovative thinking, creative solutions, and greater cooperation than ever.

Even bigger ambitions

In the new page that we are about to write together, LIFE wants to put innovation at the heart of all our programs in order to continue to be at the forefront of social change. We are already relying on new technological realities, especially in our work processes, and in the technical implementation of our works in the field. The solar oases are the perfect example. To conclude, I will say that LIFE is like a tree that started with a seed planted 13 years ago. Over time, this tree grew bigger and stronger. You can be proud, because without your constant support and commitment to help it grow, this tree would not be what it is today. As the new president of the NGO, I am confident that with your continued support, we will be in a position to achieve even more in the years to come. Thank you

The best is yet to come!

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