8 solutions to take action against deforestation

The Amazon, the most famous forest on the planet, is the symbol of deforestation that is rampant all over the world. While the future of this green lung, a treasure trove of biodiversity, is in danger, all the forests in the world are also threatened. Intensification of natural disasters, disruption of water resources, worsening of global warming, the consequences of deforestation are numerous.

Essential to our survival and that of our planet, forests must be preserved at all costs. The fight against deforestation is a global challenge. How can we protect our forests and achieve zero deforestation?

Here are 8 simple and concrete solutions to take action against deforestation on a daily basis. Become a real agent of change!

1. Buy palm oil-free products

la déforestation

A real plague of tropical forests, palm oil is responsible for massive deforestation. Malaysia and Indonesia, the main producers of this maligned oil, together produce nearly 85% of world production. Over the past two centuries, 90% of their forests have been destroyed.

Palm oil is found in many everyday products, such as spreads, chocolates, cakes, chips... You may not know it, but it is also found in cosmetic products such as creams, body oils etc! Sometimes difficult to find in the list of components, you have to know how to decipher the labels. Indeed, palm oil is often hidden under complex names like “Elaeis Guineensis Oi”.

And yes, our daily beauty habits also contribute to deforestation. It is therefore a question of giving priority to the purchase of food and cosmetic products without palm oil. Let's adopt responsible consumption.

2. Reduce meat consumption to fight deforestation

Did you know that livestock farming and deforestation are closely linked? Indeed, entire hectares of forests are razed to the ground in order to set up farms and to produce soybeans en masse. Generally produced in South America, with Brazil being the world's largest producer, soybeans then travel several thousand kilometers to reach France, which considerably worsens its negative impact on the climate. Not ready to give up meat entirely? You can eat less, but better. To take action against deforestation, consume more vegetable proteins such as lentils, beans...

By greening your plate, you reduce your carbon footprint while maintaining a healthy diet. Also, give priority as much as buying meat from local producers to ensure the origin and quality of these foods (fed without GMOs, local cultures, AB label, Red label...).

3. Reduce paper consumption

Despite the advent of digital technology, paper is still very present in our daily lives. In France, every year, we use more than 11 million tons of paper. It takes about a dozen trees to make a ton of paper, or millions of trees that are felled to meet our insatiable demand for paper. Imagine the extent of this consumption on a global scale...

To take action against deforestation, opt as soon as possible for the use of electronic versions of your documents. You'll save paper while reducing the demand for fiber from trees.

Can't get enough leaves? Use the back of the sheets as a draft, for your children's drawings, or to make your shopping list. A printing error? Do not throw away the sheet, reuse it by printing on the back. When you need to print, also consider using recycled or certified paper from sustainable sources. Once you've used paper, be sure to recycle it properly to give it a second life.

By adopting these practices, you are helping to preserve forests by reducing the demand for forest wood.

4. Plant trees without leaving your home

Reforestation actions are not just for governments, they also exist on a small scale. Thanks to our program HIS SHOOT, you can plant trees online, and we'll plant them right away in the field. In this way, you participate in a solidarity and sustainable act. We're not just planting trees, we're planting seeds of hope.

By becoming an actor of change with Sapousse, you are acting in favor of reforestation while providing local populations with a means of subsistence.

5. Encourage responsible agriculture to fight against deforestation

Choose agricultural products from sustainable practices, such as agroforestry, which combines the cultivation of food crops with the planting of trees. Look for labels or certifications that ensure that products have been grown using these sustainable practices.

By making this choice, you are helping to preserve biodiversity, protect soils and fight against climate change. And that while supporting farmers committed to environmentally friendly practices.

6. Give priority to certified wood

Faced with deforestation, every choice counts. To act responsibly in the face of deforestation, before buying, find out about the wood used and where it comes from. Make a difference by choosing sustainable and certified sources such as FSC (Forest Stewardship Council), PEFC (Program for the Recognition of Forest Certification Systems) labels. They make it possible to buy wood from “sustainable” forest management that does not contribute to deforestation. You will thus have the guarantee that the wood has been harvested in a responsible and environmentally friendly manner. You will thus have the guarantee that the wood has been harvested in a responsible and environmentally friendly manner.

Choose wood that does not travel long distances, is more beneficial for the climate, while guaranteeing more ethical logging conditions.

7. Reducing your carbon footprint to fight deforestation

la déforestation

To limit global warming and deforestation, you can reduce your own greenhouse gas emissions by reducing your carbon footprint. Did you know that our cars are responsible for a significant portion of greenhouse gas emissions? These emissions from road transport represent a significant part, i.e. 60.6% of total CO2 emissions in Europe.

Get in the saddle for a greener future! Opt for more environmentally friendly modes of transport such as cycling. Make soft mobility your health and ecological ally. Public transport is also an excellent option to reduce your carbon footprint and fight against deforestation. And why not share your trips with carpooling? By combining our efforts, every kilometer saved is a victory for our forests.

And that's not all... You can also limit your consumption of fossil energy and opt for an electricity supplier with low carbon emissions (solar, wind energy).

8. Participate in awareness campaigns to fight against deforestation

Become an advocate for nature by joining awareness campaigns to inform others about the dangers of deforestation and possible solutions. Every voice counts! Feel free to share information on your social networks and encourage others to take action. Be the messenger of hope. Together, let's be the guardians of our precious nature!

So, ready to take action and make a difference? 💪

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