The media “Média Terre” talks about LIFE ONG

Media Earth ” recently highlighted LIFE ONG, recognized for its unwavering commitment to local development.

engagement citoyen humanitaire

The article, entitled “Humanitarian: French NGOs focus on local development”, explores the diversity of approaches adopted by French NGOs. Our NGO LIFE is distinguished by its multidisciplinary mission, as highlighted by the media, which highlights our involvement in transversal programs. Since 2009, in more than 25 countries, we have been implementing concrete and sustainable actions around four areas of intervention: access to drinking water, food security, Education and The environment.

Fanny Fernandes, our executive director, enthusiastically shares the philosophy of LIFE ONG in the article. She explains how our current projects integrate these four areas of action.

The article also highlights our desire not to replace local authorities, but rather to transmit know-how. We are proud of this approach, which aims to strengthen our collaboration with local partners and to promote the autonomy of the populations served.

“Média Terre” also highlighted our resilience in the face of political and security upheavals in certain countries of action. Our financial independence and our cultural identity allow us, unlike some European NGOs, to maintain our operations in areas that are sometimes unstable.

[Read the full article on Média Terre] and join us in building a better future.

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