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In the recent media article, entitled”Reforestation: Humanitarian NGOs tackling environmental causes,” the transversal scope of the actions of humanitarian NGOs for reforestation is highlighted. Within this committed landscape, our NGO LIFE is distinguished by its dynamic approach and its impacting projects.

While many international NGOs work for reforestation, the media highlights the limitations sometimes encountered, in particular funding challenges and local political interventions. It is in this context that our independent NGO LIFE stands out. Fanny Fernandes, our Executive Director, shares her experience, stressing the importance of an apolitical approach and the support of private donors.

The media highlights our program Sapousse, initiated in 2016, which aims to fight against deforestation by promoting the economic development of local communities. Through projects in Indonesia and several African countries, our NGO shows that tree planting goes beyond the capture of CO2, integrating a global strategy for responsible and sustainable economic activity.

Fanny Fernandes highlights the evolution of our NGO LIFE, created in 2009 with an initial focus on access to water, food and education. The Sapousse program, combining these dimensions, is a natural fit in with LIFE's mission, stressing that human life depends on the preservation of the environment.

Through the media article, the commitment of our NGO in preserving the environment and supporting communities in need is highlighted. We invite you to find out more about the concrete actions of our ONG LIFE and to support this positive initiative that contributes to a sustainable future.

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