The JSL talks about LIFE ONG

On several occasions, the Journal Saône et Loire (JSL) has chosen to highlight our NGO in its columns, thus testifying to the organization's ongoing commitment to crucial humanitarian actions. These articles highlight the considerable efforts made to provide emergency assistance to communities affected by natural disasters and also highlight positive initiatives.

Emergency action in Morocco

In the wake of a devastating earthquake that hit Morocco on the night of Friday 8 to Saturday 9 September 2023, international solidarity mobilized to help the affected populations. In this context of humanitarian crisis, our NGO, under the direction of Fanny Fernandes and chaired by Tarek El Kahodi, quickly attracted the attention of the local media JSL, which devoted an article to our efforts on Moroccan territory. The article from the Journal Saône et Loire highlights the considerable efforts of our team to organize an effective and rapid response, in less than 24 hours, to this crisis.


Building schools for the future

The JSL also has highlighted the construction of a school and an ambitious project involving the construction of a dozen other schools to enable children to find their way back to school. This initiative is a testament to the continued commitment of our NGO in the region to help rebuild after this tragedy.

The JSL highlights initiatives for access to water

In a whole Other item, the Saône et Loire Journal highlighted the collaboration of the executive director of LIFE, Fanny Fernandes, with a former acquaintance of her region. They met on a joint mission linked to their respective association in Niger. They plan to consolidate this partnership by working on a school sanitation project in Niger. This collaboration is a testament to the power of solidarity and the commitment to make a real difference in the world.

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