Zakat al Maal: A path to a fairer world

Zakat al Maal, alms on wealth, is one of the five pillars of Islam. It is much more than a simple religious obligation. She embodies generosity, solidarity and empathy for the less fortunate. This virtuous practice brings innumerable benefits, both for those who give and for those who receive, while strengthening social cohesion.

What is Zakat al Maal?

Zakat al Maal, literally “alms on wealth”, is one of the fundamental obligations of Islam. Fulfilling this obligation is much more than a financial act, it is a declaration of faith and a purification of the soul. It is one of the most powerful expressions of compassion for our community, contributing to the well-being of all.

By donating a percentage of their excess wealth, after meeting their basic needs and paying off their debts, they contribute to social justice, solidarity, and generosity. This excess wealth includes silver, gold, cash, real estate, and other financial assets.

Zakat al Maal is intended to be redistributed to people from the Muslim community. It helps them meet their basic needs, including food, housing, education, and health care.

An act of faith and financial purification

For Muslims, giving Zakat al Maal is much more than a financial gesture. It is a profound act of faith. It is a humble recognition that wealth comes from God and that in return, we must support those who need it.

By doing this act of generosity, Muslims cultivate their spirituality and strengthen their connection with God.

The fight against poverty

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Zakat al Maal is a bulwark against poverty and economic inequalities. It makes it possible to reduce economic inequalities by redistributing wealth. By providing valuable support to those who need it, it lights up their path to a better life, feeding their hopes for access to education, health, and professional opportunities.

Zakat al Maal paves the way for a fairer and more prosperous society.

Community solidarity

This form of alms reinforces social cohesion within the Muslim community. It reminds believers of the importance of taking care of each other.

Families in need feel supported and included. Lifechangers experience the satisfaction of being part of a caring community that is changing lives.

Personal benefits

In the act of giving Zakat al Maal, believers receive much more than they give. By showing generosity, they strengthen their faith and trust in God. Indeed, the latter promises immeasurable rewards to those who give wholeheartedly.

This practice not only relieves their finances of surpluses, but also fills them with spiritual abundance and the satisfaction of contributing to the well-being of their community.

An annual commitment

Zakat al Maal is not only an occasional act, but an annual commitment. It resonates as a constant reminder of the responsibility of Muslims towards the less fortunate, committing them to perpetually work for good throughout the year.

It is an act of altruism that enlightens the soul, a commitment that guides each day towards compassion and generosity.

LIFE and Zakat al Maal

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For those looking to accomplish the Zakat al Maal in a practical and transparent way, our NGO is there to help you. Indeed, we are responsible for carefully relaying your alms to those who need it most, in accordance with Muslim tradition and humanitarian principles.

By entrusting us with your Zakat, you are helping to transform lives through the implementation of social, economic and educational development projects around the world. Among the many actions carried out thanks to these outbursts of generosity, we were, for example, able to intervene in the Abu Ibrahim refugee camp in Lebanon where families benefit from a access to drinking water, or even in Mali with the construction of eco-built homes in order to provide decent housing to the villagers.

With LIFE, you can easily calculate your Zakat al Maal based on your wealth and then donate securely online. So our commitment to transparency ensures that your charity reaches those in need.

Join us, so together, continue to bring happiness and hope to those who need it!

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