The Comoros Gazette talks about LIFE NGO

The Gazette des Comoros talks about LIFE through the testimony of two humorous artists who are committed to our side: Samia Orosemane And Redouane Behache.

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Samia Orosemane
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Redouane Behache

Both went with us to Comoros to participate in the distribution of foodstuffs, which took place in particular on the island of Moheli. This food aid is part of our 2024 operation.” 1 euro = 1 meal ”.

For Samia Orosemane, It Was Her 2E Humanitarian trip to this country.
The two artists then took part in our NGO's charity evening which took place on the night of 16 March 2024.

Samia Orosemane has a moving memory of the courage of the women workers and volunteers she puts there and of the incredible landscapes. And both came back very enthusiastic from the Comorian public, but also from the local comedians participating in the show alongside them. The unwavering support of Samia and Redouane for our NGO LIFE motivates the people who follow them to give with confidence to our organization. And in all transparency, we transform their donations into concrete meals for populations in need.


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Samia Orosemane in Comoros with our NGO LIFE

It is through our “1 euro = 1 meal” operation that we offer our food aid in more than 25 countries. Since 2013, year after year, we have been distributing millions of meals, making a significant contribution to improving the lives of many people. And for 1 symbolic month, our teams are particularly mobilizing to encourage the generosity of our donors. As a result, in 2023, we were able to distribute over 8 million meals in just 30 days!



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