Top 10 personalities involved in humanitarian aid

In these times of global crisis, humanitarian action is more necessary than ever. Many personalities have committed themselves to humanitarian work, using their fame to raise public awareness about crucial causes. Let's discover together the top 10 of these personalities passionate about humanitarian aid.

1. Laury Thilleman

Former Miss France, Laury Thilleman, now a French television presenter, is well known for her commitment to humanitarian aid. In love with the ocean, and a great fan of surfing, the young woman has participated in several actions, in particular in favor of the environment and sustainable development. Her dedication makes her an emblematic figure of humanitarian commitment in France.


2. Mamadou Sakho

The famous footballer Mamadou Sakho, who has worked for Paris Saint-Germain and Liverpool FC in particular, is also involved in humanitarian aid. He created his own foundation to help disadvantaged children, with an emphasis on education and sports. His humanitarian commitment shows that he not only shines on the ground, but also seeks to make a difference in the world.

3. Enjoy Phoenix

The social media star, EnjoyPhoenix, uses her platform, especially YouTube, where she is very popular, to raise awareness among her millions of subscribers to various humanitarian causes. In particular, she participated in campaigns to raise awareness about climate issues and to defend animal rights.

4. Cyrille Dion

Cyril Dion is a French writer, director and environmental activist. He co-directed the successful documentary “Tomorrow”, which presents innovative environmental and humanitarian solutions. Her work is a perfect illustration of her humanitarian commitment and her desire to change the world. He is also known for his work as the founder of the Colibris movement, which aims to promote ecological and social transition.

5. Hugo Clément

A journalist and environmental activist, Hugo Clément uses his influence to raise public awareness of the need for urgent humanitarian action.He is dedicated to bringing to light critical issues related to climate change, biodiversity, plastic pollution and other major environmental issues.He has supported renowned organizations such as WWF and Greenpeace, while actively engaging in the environmental cause and the animal defense.

6. Hapsatou Sy

An entrepreneur and television presenter, Hapsatou Sy is also involved in humanitarian aid. It supports several associations dedicated to the education and emancipation of women in developing countries. She reveals that since childhood, she has always wanted to do humanitarian work.

femme afrique

7. Inès Reg

The comedian Inès Reg is known for her striking humor, but also for her humanitarian commitment. She uses her reputation to support humanitarian and social causes, showing that you can make people laugh while helping others. In partnership with her sister, she participated in the famous program Beijing Express on behalf of an association. In fact, she won the competition!

8. Léa Elui

Léa Elui, the most followed French influencer on social networks who has nearly 19 million followers on TikTok, does not hesitate to use her platform to promote humanitarian causes. In particular, she participated in awareness-raising actions for gender equality and the fight against harassment.

9. Squeezie

To close our list, let's talk about Squeezie, one of the most popular YouTubers in France with over 18 million subscribers on his channel, and over 9 billion views! Beyond his gaming videos, Squeezie knew how to use his influence to support various humanitarian causes. In particular, he organized several charity livestreams, raising significant funds for various associations. This commitment shows that the gaming world can also be a powerful lever for humanitarian action.

10. Samia Orosemane


The comedian Samia Orosemane has been involved with us since 2018. Over the years, she has been involved in an exemplary manner in various humanitarian missions across Africa and Asia, thus demonstrating an unwavering dedication to the noblest causes and her desire to make a real difference in the world.

The woman who goes beyond the borders of France with her shows and who was ranked in 2017 among the 50 most influential French personalities by Vanity Fair has devoted a significant part of her time to contribute to projects that have had a positive impact on the lives of many people.

These ten personalities prove that humanitarian commitment can take many forms, and that everyone, at their own level, can contribute to changing lives. Whether through sport, art, journalism or social networks, each of these people uses their platform to make their voices heard.

Humanitarian aid is not only the business of dedicated organizations. Each of us, like these ten personalities, can get involved and make a difference. Their actions remind us of the importance of humanitarian commitment.

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