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The ongoing gift of Sadaqa Jariya offers the opportunity for sustainable action that benefits people in need, like you. On the occasion of Ramadan and throughout the year, you can do a Sadaqa Jariya by participating in humanitarian projects whose benefits are perpetuated over time. Find out how with LIFE projects!

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Literally, Sadaqa Jariya means “ongoing charity.” It is an act of charity whose action continues. For example, planting a tree or building a well is a Sadaqa Jariya because the help provided will benefit in the long term. Beneficial actions of Sadaqa Jariya continue to accumulate as long as beneficiaries can benefit from your gift, even after you die. Sadaqa Jariya is also a Tribute that you can do to your loved ones, living or missing.


Access to clean water is a real challenge for many populations. In some countries, more than half of the population does not have access to drinking water and residents regularly have to walk for miles to get a little bit of water, sometimes contaminated. And the The situation keeps getting worse.Act now by offering a sustainable access to drinking water thanks to the construction of a well And at Drilling water holes allows an entire village to facilitate their access to autonomy and offer them better living conditions. Many children regularly go to fetch water several kilometers away to help their families, which is why Deprives many of their access to education.Participating in the construction of a well allows thesupply of quality water to more than a hundred people. Thanks to continuous alms, LIFE can build wells for populations in need, but also for Maintain in order to ensure a quality and sustainable supply.Don't wait any longer and take action

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Starting from €15 per month You can Offer water to those in need ! It's the program Water Sponsor which provides hundreds of people with access to drinking water every year. By using Water Sponsor, you are sustainably improving the daily lives of vulnerable people through monthly donations. If you cannot afford to finance an entire well, continuing to donate with Water Sponsor is a Good alternative just as important ! Thanks to a monthly payment, you can benefit from your Sadaqa Jariya and provide better living conditions for many families.

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More than 3.4 billion tons of carbon dioxide are released into our atmosphere every day. For us but also for our children, it is imperative to act as soon as possible and to offer a land where they can grow up serenely.€2, 1 tree, that's the principle of the program Sapousse ! Deforestation does not only cause pollution problems but prevents some populations from having access to firewood, to Have shade in sunny countries Or even to protect animal species Or have access to food.By planting trees online, LIFE isCommit to planting them on the ground ! The mangrove in Indonesia, for example, serves as Breeding home for many animals but is also a essential resource for villagers by allowing them to make fabrics or by harvesting the fruit.Tree planting is one of Sadaqa Jariya par excellence : the planted tree provides food and resources to populations as long as the tree lives and these populations can benefit from it while fighting against global warming.

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Are you looking to make a positive difference in the lives of vulnerable populations? The continuous donation for the construction of decent and climate change-friendly housing is the ideal solution! By financing rural homes that are comfortable, robust, and adapted to extreme temperatures, you are helping to create a better world where families no longer have to live in precarious living conditions. And if you care about the environment, we have good news for you: mud construction is an ecological and sustainable solution that uses local and natural materials, thereby significantly reducing environmental impact. Join our cause now and make a lasting difference in the lives of the most vulnerable!

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Your Sadaqa guarantees a better future for many families and children, over several generations. The benefits that everyone derives from it are valuable and priceless. If Sadaqa Jariya is often offered during the month of great solidarity of Ramadan, you can do your Giving endless alms at any time of the year.Ready to do your Sadaqa Jariya?

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