talks about LIFE ONG does us the honor of talking about our NGO LIFE in a feature article:” The NGO LIFE and the humanitarian paradigm changes ”.

It deals with the major challenges that the humanitarian sector has been facing in recent years. These are, for example, funding difficulties, insufficient impact studies and cumbersome and rigid operational structures. Despite an increased need for assistance due to the multiplication of conflicts and the consequences of global warming, it is in fact facing limits in its ability to act effectively.

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Emergency intervention by the NGO LIFE in Morocco, 2023

It is in this context that actors such as our French NGO LIFE have emerged, proposing new methods of intervention.

At LIFE, we in fact adopt an innovative approach that breaks with humanitarian sector conventions. Instead of investing in heavy infrastructure, we promote remote working and minimize our logistical footprint, favoring an approach focused on local populations and ecosystems. Our aim is toempower supported communities by integrating local actors such as businesses, local NGOs, and religious groups into the process.

This approach is part of the localism movement which, in the humanitarian field, promotes greater involvement of local actors in decision-making and action on the ground.

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Distribution of bicycles to middle school girls by the NGO LIFE, Bangladesh, 2023

The benefits of this approach are multiple, including a better understanding of local needs and a smoother coordination of humanitarian efforts. However, challenges remain, as shown by the example of the EMPOWER project in Ethiopia, where tensions have emerged due to its remote management by international actors.

At LIFE, we start each project with a thorough assessment of local needs and potential partnerships, in order to ensure the relevance and effectiveness of the intervention. This progressive and collaborative method aims to respond specifically to the real needs of populations while strengthening their autonomy. Reforestation, construction of drinking water wells, support for education for all, etc. Our actions in the field to achieve this are diverse and complementary.


By adopting a posture of coordination with local authorities and by promoting a “temporary humanitarian” approach, we seek to end the prolonged dependence on international aid and to promote sustainable and autonomous community development.





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