The Comoros Gazette talks about LIFE ONG

The Gazette of the Comoros welcomes in An article published on 16 May the emergency intervention of our NGO LIFE with the victims of Ngazidja. In partnership with Ascobef, Fadesim and the Foyer des Femmes de Moroni, we distributed food kits to families in need and construction equipment for the hardest hit.

What is happening in Comoros? 

The recent bad weather in April has changed thousands of lives. As many as 68,835 people were reached, marking one of the worst humanitarian crises in the region.

More than 26,000 individuals have been affected in Anjouan alone. Lives lost, families displaced, infrastructure destroyed, submerged homes with devastated crops, contaminated cisterns in flooded schools: the toll is heavy and the situation is urgent.

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To make matters worse, the health risk is imminent, with the potential spread of waterborne diseases such as cholera and typhoid. Cleaning, disinfection and the provision of drinking water are immediate imperatives, requiring concerted and rapid action.


2.5 million euros are needed to finance the Comorian government's multisectoral response plan. International aid is more crucial than ever. Each euro donated represents one more step towards the resilience and reconstruction of these torn communities.

International solidarity is needed more than ever to overcome this crisis and to offer a dignified future to those who have lost everything. Every action counts in this race against time to save lives and rebuild broken communities.

Together, let's help the victims of Comoros recover!


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