The media Strategies talks about LIFE ONG

As part of a series on influence marketing, the media Strategies gave voice to our NGO in a video entitled “Land displacement, marauds.. Influencers at the service of humanitarian aid”. An opportunity for LIFE to express itself on how our NGO collaborates with committed and recognized content creators.

In this interview, Charles Raoult, Public Relations, Personalities and Events Manager at LIFE ONG, answered several questions and explored various aspects of our humanitarian commitment.

Here is an overview of the topics covered during this interview:

1. Concrete collaboration: Charles shared behind the scenes of our work with content creators during solidarity operations, stressing the importance of field trips.

2. Rigorous selection process: We mentioned our selective approach in choosing content creators, ensuring perfect synergy with our humanitarian values and goals.

3. Impactful and respectful content: Charles detailed the types of content in the field, highlighting our commitment to presenting positive communication, avoiding any staging that could undermine people's dignity.

4. Good humanitarian practices: Charles highlighted the good practices that we encourage at LIFE ONG to ensure ethical and effective humanitarian interventions.

5. Volunteer involvement: An important revelation has been made regarding the remuneration of influencers. At LIFE ONG, we believe in the unselfish desire to help others, and that is why our influencers volunteer. Many of them choose to continue their humanitarian commitment alongside us.

At LIFE ONG, our vision is clear: humanitarian missions are not vacations, but business trips to help people in need in order to bring them joy, comfort and hope.

Content creator Fukay during a mission in Lebanon

At LIFE ONG, every action counts, every smile shared reinforces our determination to create a positive impact. We look forward to continuing to join forces with content creators to make a significant difference in the world.

Join us in this adventure where solidarity goes viral, spreading a message of hope and positive change.

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