The media Consume sustainably talks about LIFE ONG

In this winter period, the media Sustainable consumption highlights in a item simple but impactful actions to reduce our ecological footprint while staying warm. Among these tips, a crucial point is highlighted: the commitment of our NGO LIFE in the fight against extreme cold.

The media highlights the idea that, in the face of increased needs in winter, simple actions can make a big difference. He encourages people to wear warm clothing rather than turning up the heat to give just one example. In this context, our NGO LIFE has been mentioned as a positive force since 2009, intervening in more than 25 countries to help those facing extreme weather conditions.

Our NGO stands out for its campaign Great cold, operating in France in various regions, in Lebanon, Bangladesh or even in India. By distributing blankets, warm clothes, food packages and hot meals, our NGO offers warmth and comfort to those who need it most. This initiative highlights the importance of solidarity in facing the challenges of winter.

The media also insists on other eco-responsible actions, such as reducing the heating temperature, investing in eco-responsible heaters, maintaining good insulation at home, seasonal food, and choosing ecological transport. These tips contribute to the collective effort to preserve our planet.

The Sustainable Consumption media offers a positive perspective on how simple actions can have a significant impact. By highlighting the commitment of our NGO LIFE, the media Consume Sustainably inspires us to act collectively for an eco-responsible and united winter.

Join us in warming hearts!

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