The Journal of the Economy talks about LIFE ONG

In an article published by Le Journal de l'Économie, the president of our NGO LIFE, Tarek El Kahodi, highlights the humanitarian importance of access to water, particularly in sensitive regions such as Gaza in Palestine. The article highlights the crucial role of LIFE in the creation of infrastructures for access to water, thus freeing women and children from water-related tasks and promoting sustainable development.


Tarek El Kahodi's insight into the intrinsic link between humanitarianism and the environment is also highlighted. The article details the actions of our NGO LIFE, in particular the preservation of mangroves and the construction of sustainable structures in Morocco after the earthquake.

Our president also discusses crucial aspects such as funding, fund traceability, and transparency with donors. Fundraising campaigns via social networks and the personalization of projects contribute to maintaining a close connection with our valuable supporters.

The fundamental values of our teams, based on humanism, mutual aid, and diversity, are put forward. Our NGO aspires to be a catalyst for positive change that transcends cultural and social boundaries.

The article from Journal of the Economy offers a glowing look at the impact of our NGO, underlining our humanitarian and environmental commitment, and our transparent and responsible practices.

Together, we can make a difference and change the lives of those who need it most.

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