Banking interest in favor of humanitarian aid

At LIFE ONG, since 2009, we have been involved in humanitarian and social actions aimed at improving the living conditions of the people who need it most. Thanks to your unwavering generosity, we can provide concrete support to millions of people. Your altruism shows up in a variety of ways, sometimes even in areas that might seem trivial to some, such as bank interests. Do you have bank interests that you want to part with? It is possible to donate them to LIFE ONG to make a difference and to share them with those who need them the most.

What is bank interest?

Bank interest is a way for banks to reward people who deposit their money with them. When you put your money into your account, the bank uses it to help others by lending that money, for example to buy a house or start a business. In exchange for using your money, the bank pays you a small additional amount called interest.

On the other hand, if you borrow money from the bank, for example to buy a car, you will have to pay that money back with a bit more in return for interest. That's the cost of the money you're borrowing, a kind of extra charge.

Bank interest is a reward that banks offer to people who deposit their money at home, while also being an additional cost for those who borrow money. It's a way for banks to make money and thank their customers at the same time.

Bank interests are a controversial topic and can be viewed in a variety of ways. Some see bank interest as legitimate remuneration for using the money, while others may have ethical or religious concerns about it.

For those with ethical or religious concerns, bank interest may be perceived as interest that is not in line with their personal beliefs. In such cases, some people may choose not to benefit from these interests or to donate them to charities or causes that align with their values.

Opinions about bank interests can vary from person to person depending on their values and beliefs. It is essential to respect individual choices and to look for alternatives that match your personal beliefs.

Who should bank interest be paid to?

By choosing to pay your bank interests to LIFE, you are contributing to the strengthening of our social and humanitarian actions, in France and around the world. Your additional financial support allows us to continue our interventions in favor of the many causes we defend. Whether it's about The fight against hunger, of access to drinking water, of theEducation for everyone, or even environmental protection, your generosity is the driving force behind our actions.

For example, in Togo, we have implemented actions as part of the “School for all” campaign, which aims to fight against school dropout and to support families. In the village of Anima, in the north of the country, a school canteen was set up to distribute free daily meals to students. By noon, most of the children, having not eaten or drank anything since morning, were already unable to attend school. Now they have all the strength they need to take the courses. The establishment of a vegetable garden next to the primary school also makes it possible to supply this school canteen. But the actions don't end there. School kits were also distributed to allow school children to study in the best conditions. Many did not have any equipment. They can now follow their schooling assiduously and build their future.

Thanks to our actions, thousands of children have benefited from the rehabilitation of schools, the provision of the school materials necessary to attend school regularly and healthy and balanced meals.

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By choosing to pay your bank interest to LIFE ONG, you are directly contributing to the realization of concrete projects such as this one, which promote access to education and offer better future prospects for children.

Together, we can make a difference. Join us now by paying your bank interests to support our actions!

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