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Guinea Buzz TV dedicates A video report to the distribution of food packages from our NGO LIFE. As part of our campaign 1 euro = 1 meal, and with the Federation of Guinean Associations of Haut-de-France (FAG-HDF), we are helping the victims of the fire at the large Kaloum fuel depot in Conakry. The accidental explosion of this deposit which took place on 18 December 2023 caused the death of 14 people, caused more than 190 injuries and caused major damage to the nearby building.

Our NGO LIFE carried out an initial distribution of 175 packages in Conakry. Each of them contains basic foodstuffs such as rice, tomato cans, peanut oil, tea, dates, milk powder, etc. A second distribution of 175 packages was made to orphanages in Greater Conakry, in particular to the Akouna Matata orphanage or to the Dieu et Amour orphanage.

This food support comes at the right time. It favors the crossing in good conditions of this holy month of fasting Ramadan and Lent.

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Distribution of food packages by our NGO LIFE in Conakry, Guinea

Our intervention is part of our action to fight hunger in the world. In emergency or in regular support, we bring hope to populations in need. Our flagship campaign, 1 euro = 1 meal, has been deployed in many countries since 2009, when our NGO was created. In 2023, we distributed more than 8 million meals in 1 month! This year, the goal is set at 10 million meals!

The concept of 1 euro = 1 meal is simple, but effective. Each euro generously donated is transformed into a real and meaningful meal for those in need, in a transparent and clear process.

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Through our unwavering commitment and constant efforts, we are improving the lives of millions of people around the world. Participate in our noble mission. United, let's work together to relieve populations in need and build a promising future for everyone.


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