Economy Morning talks about LIFE ONG

The recent article in Economy Morning highlights the positive impact of our NGO LIFE through our global initiatives. Since our establishment in 2009, our NGO has distinguished itself with projects encompassing access to clean water, food security, education and environmental protection in more than 25 countries to help those who need it most.


The core of our action lies in the program”Access to water“, having already made it possible to build more than 2,000 wells and water towers in disadvantaged regions. Water, as a fundamental need, frees women and children from chores, thus promoting education and local development. Tarek Elkahodi, our president, highlights the importance of this access to water to unleash the potential of the communities we serve.

The media highlights our multidisciplinary approach with integrated projects, stressing that our actions often go beyond the borders of access to water, encompassing areas such as food security and education. Our Executive Director, Fanny Fernandes, notes that well construction is often combined with related projects, such as vegetable gardens for school canteens, illustrating our commitment to a holistic approach.

Another crucial aspect addressed is our reforestation program,”Sapousse“, aimed at linking humanitarian concerns to the protection of the environment. Donors can contribute online, funding trees to promote sustainability and combat the consequences of global warming.

The article also highlights our focus on the autonomy of communities, with a long-term strategy. By involving local actors, we adapt our projects to real needs, working hand in hand with those who best understand local challenges.

The continuing fight for access to water is underlined, with 2 billion people still deprived of this fundamental right. Our NGO was a key player at the World Water Summit in March 2023, sharing its field experience and contributing to raising awareness on this crucial issue.

Together, through our varied actions, we strive to create a lasting positive impact, connecting humanitarianism to the environment. Our commitment to the autonomy of communities guides each of our initiatives, with the belief that access to water is the first step towards a better future for all.

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