Flach 24 talks about LIFE ONG

Flach 24, Moroccan television, talks about the solidarity caravan organized by our NGO LIFE and the Future Caravane association. 


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What does it consist of?

On the occasion of the holy month of Ramadan, we distributed food packages in the Rahmanah region in several villages. Oil, rice, tomatoes, etc. Basic foodstuffs improve the daily lives of many families in need.

Essential foodstuffs distributed by our NGO LIFE


This action is part of our operation 1 euro = 1 meal which is being deployed this year in 16 countries. After the earthquake that occurred in October 2023 in Morocco, and our emergency intervention on the ground, we wanted to put particular emphasis on this country during our food parcel distribution campaign this year.


Emergency intervention by our NGO LIFE in Morocco after the earthquake, 2023


Since its creation, 1 euro=1 meal has contributed to the distribution of millions of meals around the world, improving the lives of thousands of people. Each year, our NGO LIFE strives to mobilize all energies during a symbolic month. The teams are fully committed to generating maximum enthusiasm among donors. In 2023, more than 8 million meals were distributed in the space of 30 days thanks to the generous contributions collected. For this year, the objective is to increase distribution to 10 million meals!






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