Donation association: 6 criteria to check the reliability of an NGO

Associative commitment and actions adapted by NGOs play a crucial role in our society to support those who need it most. In our quest to make the world a better place, it is natural to want to contribute and support these organizations. However, it is essential to ensure the reliability and effectiveness of an association or NGO before getting involved or making a donation. So how do you know if an NGO is reliable and trustworthy?

Discover 6 key criteria for evaluating the reliability of an organization. By following these tips, you can get involved with peace of mind, knowing that your contribution is in good hands.

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Check legal status

The legal status of an association or NGO is of paramount importance when it comes to determining its reliability. Indeed, before giving your support, it is essential to check whether the organization is correctly declared and registered with the competent authorities. This step is crucial to ensure the legitimacy of the association.

You can usually find this information on the organization's official website in the legal notice section or by consulting the National Directory of Associations (RNA) published in the official journal. Ensure that the association is in good legal standing, as this ensures that it operates in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. Among the many organizations, you will find LIFE, declared as an association under the law of 1 July 1901, recognized as a public utility.

By verifying the legal status, you are therefore laying the foundations for a trustworthy commitment to a legitimate and responsible association or NGO.

Check the availability of annual accounts

The availability of annual accounts is an essential aspect of the transparency of an association or an NGO. Indeed, these financial documents are much more than a simple sheet of figures, they offer a clear and detailed vision of cash flows, sources of financing and the use of these funds. Each euro is carefully traced.

When considering supporting an organization, take the time to search their site for the most recent annual accounts. This transparency demonstrates the organization's commitment to accountability and reinforces the trust of donors and partners.

At LIFE, total transparency is a fundamental value that guides our actions. Do you want to know how we mobilize the necessary resources to carry out our actions? We invite you to consult our annual accounts directly on our website or on the national directory of associations (RNA).

Donation association: check accessibility by phone

The availability of an association or an NGO by telephone is an important indicator of its seriousness. It is also an indicator of their commitment and willingness to interact with you. Look for phone numbers of the organization on its site or in the relevant directories.

Ready to ask questions, share ideas, and collaborate? You are the key to the success of inspiring projects.

Donation association: the publication of audited annual reports

Audited annual reports are the key to confidently evaluating organizations. They contain detailed information on the activities, projects carried out and results achieved by the organization throughout the year. This transparency demonstrates the organization's commitment to communicating its actions and results.

By looking for audited annual reports, you will have a complete picture of the organization's activities and impact. These reports allow you to assess the effectiveness of the organization in achieving its goals.

Choosing associations that publish audited annual reports means choosing to support responsible and trustworthy organizations.

Verify membership in known networks

Joining networks testifies to the commitment of an association and its unwavering desire to act with other actors of change. By ensuring that the organization concerned is affiliated with recognized networks, you are ensuring its legitimacy and influence.

In 2023, LIFE joined the prestigious ranks of two renowned groups: Humanitarian Coordination and Development (CHD) and Coordination SUD.

Verify reputation and impact

In-depth research on the reputation of the association or NGO can also give you information on its real impact.

Read stories from grantees, donors, volunteers, or partners to get an idea of how the organization is perceived and the scope of its work.

Evaluations and rankings carried out by independent organizations can also help you assess the effectiveness of the organization in carrying out its projects.

Since 2009, LIFE has already provided vital assistance to over 13.2 million people in 25 countries. To change lives, we can count on the invaluable support of over 180,000 Lifechangers.

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Supporting an association or an NGO is a positive action, but it is essential to take precautions to ensure its reliability. Do your research, ask questions to contribute to legitimate causes and have a positive impact.

Your support can make a difference in the lives of those who need it most. Together, we can build a better world.

Join us and become a Lifechanger!

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