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From a neighborhood association to media that talk about LIFE ONG

From a neighborhood association run by volunteers in 2009, LIFE has now become an essential international solidarity NGO. It has concrete expertise in humanitarian aid in the field.

Indeed, LIFE is implementing concrete and sustainable actions, focused on 4 areas of intervention: water, sanitation and hygiene, food safety, environmental protection and education and training.

Guided by a vision that places life at the heart of its actions, LIFE therefore acts with respect for human dignity, with commitment and a sense of innovation. Our actions are part of a desire to support and support the empowerment of local populations.

LIFE and the actions we support have been promoted by major media such as France 2,La Tribune, Fun Radio etc. Among these major media that talk about LIFE ONG, we also have:Tataki,France 24,TV5 Monde,Bein sports. Find more video reports and articles below:Oriental Eco -Tamba: Distribution of food packages/The NGO Life...The Little Journal -How can we help with access to drinking water in the world? True story - LIFE ONG: Presentation of the organization by Hervé Dubois C NEWS -Fighting hunger in the world Paper blog - The rapper IK ambassador of LIFE ONG Mediapart blog - LIFE ONG or actions for a better world Mediapart blog - What is starvation and how to deal with it

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