Science Post talks about LIFE ONG

The media Sciencepost recently mentioned our NGO, and in particular thanks to our innovative “Sapousse” campaign and our actions to reforest the mangrove.

Our NGO is on the front line in the battle for the restoration of mangroves. These coastal forests play a vital role in protecting coastlines, maintaining marine biodiversity and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. However, they are threatened in particular due to deforestation and climate change.

This is where we come in, with bold actions to reforest mangroves, for example in Indonesia. This initiative is already having a significant impact, with thousands of trees replanted. In addition to taking action to protect the environment, we provide a livelihood for local people who can significantly improve their living conditions.

This media coverage opens up new perspectives for the “Sapousse” campaign, raising awareness and generating support for this crucial initiative.

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