RSE Magazine talks about LIFE ONG

The media CSR magazine interviewed Fanny Fernandes, our Executive Director, to discuss LIFE's adaptation to recent political and security changes in the African countries where we operate. Fanny Fernandes highlighted our flexibility and our ability to adjust according to circumstances in order to continue to serve local communities effectively.

The article also addresses the question of the image of France in these countries and its impact on our actions. Fanny Fernandes explained how our NGO remains focused on our humanitarian mission despite geopolitical challenges.

LIFE ONG covers a wide range of areas of intervention, and the article reveals our expertise inaccess to water, a subject to which we have devoted ourselves in particular depth. Fanny Fernandes also shares our expansion towards environmental concerns to maximize our impact.

You will also be able to discover how LIFE ONG operates concretely with local populations and manages its operations over the long term, with an emphasis on sustainability and efficiency.

Finally, the article ends by outlining how we measure the effectiveness of our actions, demonstrating our commitment to transparency and accountability.

This interview highlights our continued commitment to improving the lives of communities in African countries and beyond through our humanitarian and environmental actions.

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