Naïma's testimony that generated an extraordinary fundraiser!

We recently had the joy of interviewing one of our biggest donors, who has been loyal to LIFE ONG for many years now. Although there are no small donations and every gesture counts, it is important to mention that her active fundraising has so far made it possible to finance more than 67 wells in a dozen countries around the world. A touching and moving testimony.

1. What made you want to get involved in humanitarian causes and set up this fundraiser?

Naïma:I am very empathetic by nature. Some images very early on shocked me enormously. For example, malnourished African children, walking barefoot for miles and carrying heavy jerrycans of water, or even pregnant women carrying babies behind their backs, and heavy basins on their heads, just to get water!

The problem of water has always affected me a lot. Nowadays, I cannot imagine that a trivial part of our daily lives is an insurmountable task for millions of men and women on Earth. For example, drinking water, taking a shower, washing clothes.

I have no words to describe the joy I felt when I received the photos and videos of the first wells made. The bursts of laughter and the radiant smiles of the children, but also the songs of joy and the dances of the women in the villages, moved me so much. I then decided to do everything I could to help the poor by engaging in humanitarian work.

2. What was your objective when you started this fundraiser?

I also encourage the people around me to collect around them by setting a goal. For example, collecting €500 from your family. Many donors are delighted to carry out a mini challenge. I boost them as best I can. I am relaunching them by phone. I am often asked for permission to give my number to a few family members. Some want to be reassured. I invite them not just to do a one-off collection, but to switch to regular donations. Even if only €5 per month. All my donors are quickly reassured, and happy to find a “good” association. Moreover, in addition to participating in well projects, a large number of donors regularly give me donations for other operations such as “The people most loved by Allah are those who are most useful to others.”

3. How do you manage to free up time for this activity (fundraising)?

Naïma: People are very suspicious. They are afraid of running into an association that is not serious, or that the donation will not arrive safely or not be used wisely. For this, I put forward the argument that I have been collecting for wells for twenty years, that I have been able to build them with several associations. I explain that I ended up being loyal to two people in particular, including LIFE ️. I agree 100% with his benevolent vision of humanitarian aid and his projects so well carried out. I am talking about the dynamism of the team and their extreme seriousness. I am talking about the Audit operations carried out in the field to verify the proper functioning and non-wear of the wells. I invite donors to visit the site or page Facebook by LIFE

4. Did you know that this fundraiser would grow so much and that you would be able to unite as many people around the cause of wells?

Naïma: My main objective was to please Allah. Our beloved informs us: during the month of Ramadan, I buy about 250 piggy banks. I distribute them around me. I define a “special Ramadan” project, with for example, a 9500€ water tower via a Doodle link sent to all the participants in the collection, they can vote and choose the name of the project. They have the result of their vote with the percentages obtained for each name. This small dynamic involves them more in the project and I am also relaunching the people who, although full of good will, are overwhelmed by the daily “rush” of the metro-work-sleep. Sometimes it took people three years before they sent me a check for a donation. I never give up. When I see a desire to do good, I do everything I can to encourage the person to go all the way. I emphasize that no donation is small. Initially, I just wanted to do one well, then two, then three... I saw that everyone I was talking to was very receptive. They participated quite easily in the collection. It gave me confidence and encouraged me to talk about it more often. So I aimed even higher. In fact, I love what I do so much that I don't count my time at all. I organize myself to keep the donations received in the evening up to date on my Excel files. I do this before I go to sleep. For the collection itself, I communicate on the water problem as soon as the opportunity arises. Professor of Mathematics-Physical Sciences, I am therefore lucky to have a job that allows me to live my passion for humanitarian work. Indeed, during school vacations in particular, and free half-days during the week, I have the chance to give short reminders for women in some mosques. I present my projects at each visit with my “book” which contains the photos of the projects carried out. I also always have automatic debit authorizations with me to offer. So I encouraged family members and friends to form a small group of donors in order to carry out joint projects. The idea is to be able to participate in several projects and to leave a small footprint in several countries such as Niger, Mali or even Cambodia.

5. How and where do you look to attract new donors?

Naïma: It's my smile and my overwhelming enthusiasm that often have a driving effect. I don't have a miserable approach. I focus on the happiness that comes from building a well in a village. I insist on the 180° change in living conditions, especially for women and children: fewer illnesses, schooling possible because a lot of time is freed up. I am giving details. People think that the well is only used to water the villagers. It is also used to water vegetable gardens, to water livestock to take full advantage of their milk, to do ablutions etc. 6. How do you convince them? My smartphone is full of all the photos and videos of the projects completed. I show them by presenting the projects, and the effect is immediate! I also talk to everyone I know about it. I am very expressive. My words come from the bottom of my heart. Many people tell me that they are touched by the sincerity that I exude. Once convinced, donors are loyal, they talk about it to others. 7. What advice would you give today to people who would like to raise money for humanitarian causes?

I talk about it almost every day around me, whether to my immediate circle, to the shopkeepers in my neighborhood or at my workplace. I take the time to send project photos and videos as well as detailed information to interested people. We thank our faithful donor for this magnificent testimony and for the time she devotes, every day, to wanting to do good in the world. Her determination and dynamism prove to each of us that it is possible to act on a large scale to impact the world and help the needy. Do not hesitate! Talk about it as soon as the opportunity arises. It's the greatest adventure you can ever have. Despite the difficulty or fatigue you may feel, or the fear of not being able to do it because of work or family obligations, keep your intentions good!

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