Construction21 talks about LIFE ONG

Faced with the global crisis in access to water, we are proud to see Construction 21 highlight our significant actions in the fight against this pressing challenge. The article highlights our integrated approach, present in 25 countries, which links access to water to local development, including education and reforestation.


The article particularly highlights our innovative strategy, in particular the use of water sensors in our wells to optimize maintenance and collect valuable data. In addition to our actions in the field, we stand out for an innovative financing approach based on social networks and personalized communication with our donors.

As a highly connected and technology-open NGO, aligned with UNCTAD's recommendations, we will continue to work for a positive and sustainable impact, addressing the major water challenges facing African communities. Our commitment is reinforced by the recognition of Construction21, thus underlining that LIFE ONG is at the heart of the solution.

Join us in this crucial mission! By clicking [hither], you can contribute to providing access to clean water to communities that desperately need it. Every donation counts in our fight for a future where access to water is a fundamental right for all.

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