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A devastating earthquake strikes Morocco, LIFE ONG intervenes urgently

A devastating earthquake hit the Marrakech region in Morocco, causing the death of more than 3,000 people according to the provisional toll and leaving thousands more injured. The disaster, which occurred on the night of Friday 8 to Saturday 9 September, was felt in many cities across the country, causing panic among residents.

Faced with this unprecedented and historic tragedy, numerous humanitarian organizations responded to the emergency call. Among them, our NGO LIFE.

The BFM TV news channel highlighted the efforts made in the field by our NGO during its program “L'aprem info” presented by Pauline Simonet. Our team was able to witness the difficult conditions that survivors are facing, as well as the efforts that still need to be made to deal with this disaster.

During the interview with BFM TV, our president Tarek El Kahodi said: “With LIFE, we have made a commitment by unlocking emergency aid of nearly €500,000, to be able to deliver not only food aid, but also warm clothes, blankets, and equipment for the coming winter.” He also added, “By setting up this crisis unit here in Marrakech, we planned to be present for several months and we are asking people to go to the LIFE website for donations.”

Our team is therefore fully committed to providing emergency aid to people affected by this destructive earthquake. In collaboration with local authorities, our NGO continues to coordinate its efforts to respond to this major crisis and provide valuable assistance to victims.

For up-to-date information on the situation and to find out how you can contribute, visit our website

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