Beur FM talks about LIFE ONG

Beur FM interviewed our president Tarek El Kahodi on the show Ramadan and Co of April 7, 2024.

Our meal distribution action in France and around the world through our campaign 1 euro = 1 meal is highlighted there.

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Distribution of meals by our NGO LIFE in Senegal, 2024


The “1 euro = 1 meal” initiative, launched in 2013 by our NGO, has contributed to the distribution of millions of meals around the world. Each year, we mobilize fervently during an emblematic month that corresponds to that of Ramadan. During these 30 days to unite against hunger, our NGO can count on the precious generosity of many donors, Lifechangers. In 2023, thanks to their generosity, more than 8 million meals were offered over this period and brought joy and comfort.

Tarek, our president, appealed to the generosity of donors during this sacred time of Ramadan, and especially a few hours before Eid. Giving means allowing families in need to fully experience this true celebration day.

The emergency humanitarian action of our NGO LIFE is also mentioned in the program Ramadan and Co. We have been responding urgently all over the world for many years. We are present in Somalia with Syrian refugees, with Palestinians in Lebanon, but also in Morocco where we intervened urgently following the earthquake of September 2023, etc. On the ground in Gaza for 10 years, we have been active there more than ever since October 7, 2023, since October 7, 2023, through the distribution of food packages and hot meals. We also participate in the construction of prefabricated buildings to house people in the camps.

Together, let's continue to make a difference.

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