15 actions to prevent the waste of drinking water on a daily basis

Drinking water is a precious and limited resource, and maintaining it is crucial. It's time to take action! Each of us can contribute to the conservation of this source of life by adopting simple actions in our daily lives. Discover 15 concrete and easy to implement actions to prevent the waste of drinking water. By following these tips, we can all make a difference and contribute to the preservation of water for future generations.

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1. Eliminate and repair drinking water leaks

Every drop counts! Did you know that water leaks can be a significant waste? To avoid wasting this valuable resource, check faucets, pipes, and toilets regularly for leaks and fix them quickly.

2. Use low-flow showerheads

Join the eco-responsible shower movement by replacing your old showerhead with a low-flow model to reduce water consumption. Don't worry, taking a shower will always be a pleasure!

3. Collect drinking rain water

Give rainwater a second life by installing an intelligent system that collects water that falls naturally on your roof. You can then use this water to water your plants, clean your floors or fill your toilet flush. In addition to avoiding wasting water, you will also save on your bill!

4. Give priority to showers to baths

Did you know that a shower lasting around 4 to 5 minutes consumes 30 to 80 liters of water, compared to at least 150 liters for a bath? Kill two birds with one stone: adopt an eco-gesture that preserves the environment while reducing your energy budget

5. Take shorter showers

Do you like to spend hours under water to relax? To avoid wasting water, opt for shorter showers, an easy and effective action to preserve our precious resource while maintaining your cleanliness and hygiene.

6. Turn off drinking water while brushing teeth

Leaving water running while brushing your teeth can lead to unnecessary waste. Remember to turn off the faucet while brushing and only turn it back on when you need to rinse your mouth. A simple gesture that can make a difference. Every minute of water that flows represents liters that are wasted.

7. Optimize the use of your dishwasher and washing machine!

Wait until you have a full charge before using your dishwasher and washing machine. You maximize the efficiency of each cycle while reducing the amount of water used. Say no to waste, yes to efficiency!

8. Use low-flow faucets to avoid wasting drinking water

Replace your old faucets with low-flow models. So you can reduce your water consumption without sacrificing performance. Enjoy a controlled flow that meets your needs while maintaining this valuable resource.

9. Collect sewage

Use sewage recovery systems to collect and treat greywater from your shower, sink, or washing machine. Turn it into an irrigation source for thirsty plants or a way to clean up your outdoor space without waste.

10. Water your plants wisely

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Avoid watering your plants during the hottest hours of the day to minimize evaporation. Use low flow sprinklers or opt for a drip irrigation system for efficient water use.

11. Use a broom instead of a garden hose

A simple change in habit can make all the difference: sweeping your driveways, decks, or vehicles instead of using a hose saves a considerable amount of water. Adopt this eco-responsible gesture and make your environment shine while preserving water resources!

12. Opt for low-flow toilets and keep more drinking water

Replace your old toilets with low-flow models, water-saving heroes. You can also install a water saver in the tank to reduce the amount of water used each time you flush.

13. Use cooking water to water plants

Instead of throwing away cooking water from vegetables or pasta, you can let it cool and use it to water your plants. By adopting this smart gesture on a daily basis, you maximize the use of water and avoid waste.

14. Monitor your drinking water consumption

Keep a close eye on your monthly consumption and be the guardian of this precious resource. You can track your monthly water consumption to identify peak water consumption levels and take the necessary steps to reduce your water footprint.

15. Raise awareness among those around you

Share these valuable tips with family, friends, and neighbours. Make them aware of the importance of the preservation of drinking water and encourage them to adopt responsible water management practices. For many people around the world, clean water is a luxury, which is why we work to provide a source of life through construction of wells, water towers. Do not hesitate to share our actions around you!

By putting these 15 concrete actions into practice in your daily life, you can effectively contribute to the fight against the waste of drinking water. Every gesture counts!

Together, we can make a real difference for a sustainable and responsible future for our precious resource, drinking water.

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