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A necessity for humanitarian action ”. In this article, discusses the current challenges in the humanitarian world. How can its actors be more effective? How can actions better meet the real needs of populations? He cites our NGO LIFE as an example of an innovative player.


The humanitarian world is facing a complex crisis marked by a questioning of its effectiveness and an unprecedented increase in aid needs. To meet these challenges, more and more players in the sector must adapt their methods.

Precise indicators have become necessary to optimize their action. Traditional indicators, such as the Human Development Index, are considered insufficient because they are too general and do not focus sufficiently on local realities.

In this context, humanitarian organizations must turn to innovative solutions to assess their impact. NGOs like our NGO LIFE and Care, for example, emphasize the collection of local data and the use of advanced assessment tools to understand the needs of populations and measure the effectiveness of their actions. For this purpose, we use sensors in the drinking water wells we are building around the world.

Construction of drinking water wells by our NGO LIFE in Benin

Careful planning ahead of time is also essential to assess the impact of humanitarian actions. More and more organizations include local actors and strive to remain close to populations in order to measure their needs and satisfaction.

The current crisis in the humanitarian sector highlights the need to opt for more effective and ethical practices. While some organizations adopted these new standards early on in their work, others continue to adapt to meet the complex challenges they face.




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